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KBA Africa’s focus is to establish effective Business Incubators as tools for SME development and enhancement in African countries, which enables establishment of new enterprises, creates new jobs, and the development of innovative ideas and technologies.

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KBA Africa Objectives:

  • Contribute to the creation of new sustainable businesses,
  • Assist and support business through various phases of growth,
  • Reduce unemployment through job creation,
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KBA Africa is an African Business Incubation organisation specialising in accelerating the growth and increasing the success rate of start-up and early stage Small and Medium Enterprises.

The KBA Africa Business incubator programme helps develop and support current and new entrepreneurs to start-up businesses and equip them for survival, longevity and growth as sustainable businesses....

  • 12 North Road, Dunkeld West Johannesburg 2196, South Africa
  • +2782 818 5344
  • info@kbaafrica.com


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